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This Summer

A lot has happened this summer. I made friends, lost some, then got them back with new ones to boot. I sat front row at Metro Station (thanks to Ashley), broke my toe, broke my ancle. I had a crush, got my heart broken, had family drama. Went to two Jonas Brothers concerts, met Wondergirls and Honor Society. And the summer’s not even over yet. As we speak, I’m getting ready to go to the Disco Curtis “Ashley” video shoot (meeting Ashley and Amy, our friend Kurstyn is coming with). I’m starting high school in less than a week, and it’s scary how much I’ve changed, both my looks and my personality, in the last four years. But recently, I’ve been getting the feeling that this year is going to be a Degrassi season in the making. Drama, drama, drama. My last week of summer is zooming by, and I have no way of stopping it.


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