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I’ve Got a Feeling

I’m starting to thing that Degrassi isn’t such a Drama after all. This week, my school experience has been split into, what would be in TV terms, an entire season of dramatic twists and turns. I can’t go into much detail, as some people involved in the worst of it read this blog and would most likely have my (cyber) head (not figuratively speaking). But I can tell you that I’ve had love drama, friend drama, homework drama, and even Drama dram (that’s theatre for all of you non-english nerds). With guard every day after school, I barely have time to write. Sleep would be a wonderful treat, actually. And my skin is becoming vissably worse because of excess sweat and the little time I have to wipe off make up before practice. I’m just waiting for Freshman year to be over. Too bad it’s only just begun.


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Today I….

-Went to a Disco Curtis music video shoot with my friend Kurstyn.

-Got in a fight with two of my best friends.

-Was in a Music video.

-Saw my mom’s long time friend Holly (I’m named after her) and her 11 year old daughter, Emma.

-Ate a Turkey sandwich.


-Checked out Allycarter.com, which I need to do more.



Your pretty much caught up. Right now, I feel like passing out on the spot. But, I have to push through the next…like 4 hours. Then I can sleep.

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