About the shoot (coppied from my Mibba)

The shoot was ahmazing. We got there and ran into AJ, the drummer of <b>Disco Curtis</b> and then we got into the Gym where everything was starting and ended up in a group with some cool girls and one guy. What was his name? OH YEAH. TANNER. As in, the lead singer. It was pretty BA. Because I had to leave early to go hang with my mom’s friend, they let me be in the first scene, which was in the health room upstairs (we were at Colleyville Heritidge). It was really funny. Garrett, the basist, was a nerd giving the popular girl (named ashley. I didn’t catch her name in RL) the answers to a test, and Brendan, the guitarist, was the strict teacher taking them up. The only thing we could see of Brendan in the scene was his hand and his ass, so he was like “All you can see are my hand and my butt. I’m the mysterious hand and ass.” It was funny. I made a lot of friends.  I got to meet everyone in the band, and got pictures with three of them. Over all, it was a really god day. Right now, I’m off to my afternoon guard class. As some of you may know, I hurt my ancle last week. I just found out that I have to wear my stupid boot on the first day of school. Ugh. Well, I hear boots are all the rage in Paris 🙂


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