Best night…EVER!

iphone1 028Ok, so I know I’ve said it time and time again. I’m generally into pop and pop rock. But I just got back from a Disco Curtis/Metro Station concert, and I have to say, it beats JB and KP by a LONG SHOT! Ash won free (FRONT ROW) tickets from KISS FM DFW. Like, we were right there!

First off, my new favorite band is Disco Curtis. Their music is GREAT, and all their musicions are BLOODY GORGEOUS. Like,the lead singer is my, Ashley and Morgan’s future husband.

We got all the way through the concert. I got sprayed by both Trace and Mason’s water bottlesm and I caught Tanner’s (the lead singer of DC) pick 🙂 So did Morgan. Ash and Anna caught ones from Trace 🙂 lol he looks SO weird. And his pants were tighter than the Jonas Brothers. That’s saying something 🙂 Lol ANYWAYS. Then, the concert was finished, and we headed to go get autographs and crap, when all the sudden, the drummer from MS throws out a drumstick and one of the girls in front of us caught it. And then, this guy from like five rows iphone1 094behind us climbes over the bleachers (We were ar six flags) and steps on my toe, then he grabs the drumstick from her. she didn’t let go, so he liked grabbed it on both sides and pulls it up to her neck.

I know RIGHT?!

Anyways, his friend comes around and like, holds up a fist. Me and Ash, who are watching this entire thing goes down, are thinking he may be like about to say “Yo, dude, calm down. You’re going to far.” or something like that. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He had to be a butthole like his friend and go “I swear to ****ing God, if you don’t let go of the drumstick I’ll punch you across the ****ing face.” So we’re just sitting there going what the F? And then all these people start grabbing at the stick and this security guard breaks up the fight. He takes it and breaks it into pieces ( I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!) and gives people peices of it. Meanwhile, this poor girl is like breaking down, and we’re all just standing there. We were walking back up (in the mean time the guys had gone up) to the park and I was like “I swear if I see that guy I’m gonna hurt him.” As I’m saying it, we see them being interviewed by cops. Me, being the stupid person I am, pointed to them and was like “OMG that’s the guy!!”

Long story short, the park officials saw us and made me and ash go fill out TWO reports, and we saw our councelor from school, who works at Six Flags over the summer. We saw the girl again and made sure she was alright, before we got escorted by security back to the concert area so we could go get our tee shirts and stuff. We met Anna and Morgan there, but Disco was alreadty leaving! But, our security guard was AWESOME and he got the guitarist to sign our tickets, and Tanner signed Ash’s shirt. I’m really jealous. Lol.

Well, for now that’s it. More pics will be coming 🙂



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